• Core Philosophy
  • At the development of enterprises, 凯发电游城|凯发电游平台|欢迎您!! was committed to social responsibility actively, upheld the core concept of "value creation, social returns," and actively participating in public welfare activities and contributing to the community; it supported local welfare with the enthusiasm, distressed the poor, funded schools, funded and supported cultural undertakings; donating the reconstruction of China's four bridges - Shoshi bridge; donating "the scholarship of college students from poor families Chaozhou City, "" warmth, love activities " and sponsoring large party and other activities named “Chinese love - Meet Chaozhou "; and it has absorbed nearly 500 economically backward provinces personnels, local re-employment of laid-off workers and veterans.

    Chaozhou Central Green comprehensive utilization of Ceramics Resources Co., Ltd is jointly established by the Guangdong 凯发电游城|凯发电游平台|欢迎您!! Co., Ltd., Guangdong Fengxi Ceramics Industry Research Institute, specializing in researches of the comprehensive utilization of ceramics resources, joint-stock cooperative business, is the first Chaozhou batch cleaning productive enterprises, and is the first circular economy pilot enterprises in the province, the production of ceramic sanitary ware has been issued a "certificate comprehensive utilization of resources" by the Guangdong economic and Trade Commission Companies.

    Sitogn Group actively developed a recycling economy, carried out waste porcelain recycling, turning waste into treasure, reducing resource consumption, improving resource utilization efficiency, reducing pressure on the environment, generating significant economic and environmental benefits, contributing a lot to the green energy work of Chaozhou.

    While developing the enterprises, 凯发电游城|凯发电游平台|欢迎您!! is actively committed to social responsibility, upheld the core concept of "value creation, social returns," and actively participated in public welfare activities, contributed to the community. 凯发电游城|凯发电游平台|欢迎您!! supported the local welfare with enthusiasm, distressed the poor, funding for schools, funding to support cultural undertakings.