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  • 凯发电游城|凯发电游平台|欢迎您!! is a supplier combining the research and development, design, production and sales together, whose products cover the household ceramics, incQluding daily ceramics, sanitary ceramics and art ceramics. Company treats the aim of "global supplier of household ceramics," as a corporate vision, closely combines traditional techniques and modern technology together. Through the comprehensive utilization of resources, waste porcelain recycling, energy saving and reduce production costs, and through providing one-stop shopping service for a full range of household ceramic products, and through type, materials, decoration, technology innovation, it leads the demand of the market. The company is a national high-tech enterprises, since its foundation, relying on the independent research and development, technological innovation and the accumulation of precipitation, it has developed into one of the local famous company possessing a series of high-quality ceramic products.

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