• Talents Concept


    We always adhere to the concept of taking talents as the first productive force development, with the company's business development needs, the company will increasingly need more research and development, production, marketing and management personnel. The emphasis in human resources in the future includes: reserve personnel recruited by society and universities; training key personnel of various departments of the production from the existing bases. To guarantee the implementation of Talents Scheme, the company established training and remuneration, talent evaluation mechanism will improve in the next two years, and by good corporate culture to attract talent and influence, develop and enhance team spirit and overall professionalism.
    In the era of knowledge economy, talent is the most fundamental element of a competitive company. If you are confident of their own ability, eager to cast a wider world;! If you are willing to continue to challenge themselves, challenge the future of our help wanted, we are looking forward to your good company to become a member!

    The company will provide you with a competitive salary, excellent training opportunities, unlimited space of development.

    In 1997, 凯发电游城|凯发电游平台|欢迎您!! has been committed to the building of enterprise culture, and a corporate culture is reflected through each employee, so 凯发电游城|凯发电游平台|欢迎您!! irregularly organizes business managing lever to learn " Social responsibility management Manual" According to the SA8000 social responsibility management system standards, national laws and regulations, international labor conventions and other relevant laws and regulations, 凯发电游城|凯发电游平台|欢迎您!! compiles the company's "Social Responsibility Management Handbook". After the discussion of the workers' representatives, it was compiled into volume, and now it was approved and adopted to be implemented.

    Contents of social responsibility management manual include: Company Profile and Profile Management Manual, Order Management Handbook , policy statement of the social responsibility and compliance, environmental, health and safety policies, terms and definitions (child and adolescent labors, forced and compulsory labor), health and safety policy implementation, freedom of association and collective bargaining, prohibition of discrimination in the implementation of policies and punitive measures, working hours, wages, managing system. Through the company's organizational learning of "Social Responsibility Management Handbook", not only increasing the understanding of the 凯发电游城|凯发电游平台|欢迎您!! corporate culture, organizational structure, but also understanding the company's remuneration system, benefits of employers, rules and regulations and other knowledge.

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