• Group Profile
  • GUANGDONG SITONG GROUP CO.,LTD Established in 1997

    Sitong Group has 20 years experience in producing porcelain. Throughout these whole 28 years, Sitong has developed from a traditional workshop to a leading porcelain company in China. Sitong is internationally recognized as a top leading producer of tableware, decor-art ware and sanitaryware. Sitong provides an full in-house production service---design, manufacturing and customized packaging options to our valued customers and partners.

    As being one of the global home lifestyle ceramic suppliers, Sitong focuses on self research, develop, design, produce and sales. Our company combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, such as comprehensive utilization of resources, recycling wasted porcelain, energy saving which reduces production costs. Sitong provides one-stop shopping service to meet market demand with new innovation, environmental friendly material and art decoration technology. As a national high-tech enterprise, Sitong provides the serialization of ceramic products while relying on independent research and development, technological innovation and accumulated precipitation, has become one of the best ceramic brand enterprises.

    Guangdong cross group co., LTD. Has 20 years of entrepreneurship, has focused on household life ceramic industry, and constantly enrich, innovation of the company's products, the company is committed to building China's ceramic independent brand of household life, always adhere to the "honesty molded brand, innovation, leading the future" business philosophy, with innovation, integrity, perseverance, enthusiasm of faith to pursue our dreams together.
    Because of innovation, we have been beyond, beyond the self, beyond the level of industry.
    Because of the good faith, we condensed the faithful partners, with our trials and hardships.
    Because of the persistent, we split difficult, through the difficulties, to reach us the other side of the dream
    Because of passion, we have put together a solid team of common cause, make the four-way unity is strength, create brilliant.
    Facing the future, we are full of expectations, will with "world famous household life ceramic suppliers" this goal as a corporate vision, under the guidance of national industrial policy, giving full play to the advantages of geographic and talents, the traditional craft and modern technology together, strive to provide high quality and series of household life ceramic products, and timely grasp the market dynamics, to expand domestic and international two markets, the "cross" to create a flagship brand for Chinese ceramic household.
    Excellent market performance, forward-looking strategic vision, unwavering faith, laid a solid foundation to achieve our dreams.In choppy market economy tide, we will continue to use development to prove the strength, with forward to expand space, with the innovation in the future, really the pursuit of excellence, sanfeng tide.
    Sitong Group issued news shares, the total share capital was changed to 2.6668 billion shares.
    Proudly, Sitong Group came into the market in Shanghai Stock Exchange in July 2015.
    It issued new shares of 3334 shares, the total share capital was changed to 1.3334 billion shares, the registered capital was increased to 1.3334 Billion Yuan.
    In March 2011, Sitong Group has the registered capital of 8,760 Ten Thousand Yuan.
    Cai Zhencheng, Cai Zhenmao, Li Weixiang, Cai Zhenfeng, Cai Zhentong transferred portions of shares to Cai Zhenhuang one by one; Chen Qingbin, Su Guorong, Cai Peizhou increased capital to the Sitong Group.
    In August 2011, Sitong Group has the registered capital of 8,760 Ten Thousand Yuan.
    Sitong Group was changed into the limited liability Corporation.
    In December 2011, Sitong Group has the share capital of 10,000 Million.
    Fuxiang Investment, Yangjuemingguang, Cai Yixun, Cai Yishuo, Huang Yipeng increased the company capital.
    In May 2004, Sitong Group has the registered capital of 7,703 Ten Thousand Yuan
    Merged And acquired the Porcelain Production Factory.
    In December 2002, Sitong Grouphas the registered capital of 5,008 Ten Thousand Yuan.
    The equity of Porcelain Production Factory was transferred to Cai Zhencheng, Cai Zhentong, Cai Zhenmao;
    The shares of the Sitong Porcelain Company and Packaging Materials Factory liquidation team were transferred to Cai Zhenmao, Cai Zhenfeng, Li Weixiang, Cai Zhenmao increased the capital to Sitong Group.
    Sitong Group was established in 1997 with registered capital of 30 Million.
    It was founded by Porcelain Production Factory, Sitong Porcelain Company and Packaging Material Factory.


    Enterprise development at the same time, four-way group initiative to undertake social responsibility, uphold the principle of "create value, return to the community," the concept of core, actively participate in public welfare activities contribute to the community; enthusiastic support local welfare and relief of the poor and needy, funded schools, funding support for cultural undertakings; donated assets reconstruction of China's four major ancient bridge - this; donor called Chaozhou grants for college students from poor families, "warmth, offer love activities, funded and sponsored" the feeling - meet in Chaozhou "large party activities; has absorbed nearly 500 economic backward province personnel, local laid-off reemployment personnel and veterans to work in the enterprise.




    1. Corporate mission: to be special, bigger and stronger, and revitalizing the traditional industries.
    2. Corporate vision: Global household life ceramics supplier.
    3. Corporate objectives: to maintain over 10% growth rate annually.

    4. The core values:
         Excellence, production of quality products
         Dedication to service, meeting customer needs
         Pragmatic and innovation, creating a brand label
         Scientific management, improving enterprise efficiency

    5. The principle of doing things: doing the right thing, doing the efficient thing and doing the business recognized thing.
    6. Enterprise development concept: it always start a business and makes continuous improvement and sustainable development.
    7. The soul of the enterprise: integrity to the world, cleaning thousands of homes.
    8. The entrepreneurial spirit: moral, loyalty, and business-oriented; acting positive, innovation, performance for the first.
    9. Corporate ambition: not  to be a follower and leader.
    10. The basic approach to development: to improve core competitiveness, transformation and innovation, to make a speed revolution.
    11. Managing strategy:
          Enhancing the brand value, strengthening the customer relationships
          Expanding the depth of the market, and the specialty Marketing
    12. "12-character" guiding general principle: